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Locations & Ports:
Port Grimaud, Nice, Antibes, Golfe Juan, St. Raphael, St. Tropez, Cannes, Cogolin

Sea & Coast:
An attractive sailing area for those who like action and hurly-burly. Côte d’ Azure, at least during the high season, is definitely not to recommend to those who are keen on lonely bays and quite sleepy little ports. Sand beaches, palm trees and the blue sea, many bays with their harbors, attractive holiday towns and the mountains in the hinterland make this region of France one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. A paradise of steep cliffs and golden sand bays with azure-blue water splashing to its feet. The fronts of luxurious houses sparkle in the sunshine. Besides the breath-taking landscape and coast, you will find everything a sailor's heart could wish for - ports with enough places to moor (700 to 1200); tidal strokes and currents can be ignored and hindrances are easy to determine by map and through the clear water. The best way to avoid the constantly changing sandbanks is to keep a good distance from the coast. In the evening hours you will have a possibility to get acquainted with the French cuisine. Fresh fish, lamb and herbs from the Provence to a good French wine will let you enjoy the rest of a nice day on sea.

Winds & Weather:
The high season in South France is during the summer months July and August. It can be very hot with average air temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. In the low season (May, June, September und October) you can rely on warm weather as well. It is the best time for a sailing holiday. Law pressure areas of the west wind current pass through more often. The north wind Mistral, which regularly blows in this area and often reaches storm intensity, can even extend over the Gulf of St. Tropez, which happens mainly in spring and autumn. In the period between May and October you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate of this area with air temperatures of 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. The average water temperature in summer is about 20 degrees Celsius.

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Cote d´Azur
Cote d´Azur

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