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Locations & Ports:
The sailing region of the Ionian Islands extends from Corfu in the north till Zakynthos in the south. Preveza, Corfu / Gouvia Marina, Lefkas und Crotone, are superb destinations for yacht charters and sailing.

Sea & Coast:
The six main islands are Corfu, Paxi, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos. Corfu as well as Zakynthos and Lefkas can be easily reached by airplane. There are also ferries going from Italy to Corfu and Kefalonia. Whether you like to enjoy the lively night life or seek peace and idyll - the Ionian Islands with their variety form a perfect ground for each sailing holiday. Corfu reminds a sickle in its form and is considered to be the northerly and the most known of the Ionian Islands. The quiet Lefkas island, also called the white island, became its name because of the light steeply coast in its western part. The charmful Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands. The beautiful Zakynthos, which is also known as the “flower of Levante”, as it was called by the Venetians, reminds a garden. Owing to their good weather conditions, small fisher ports and crystal-clear bays, the Ionian Islands are a perfect area for a fantastic sailing holiday even for beginner sailors and families. Those who are familiar with this wonderful part of Greece will return there again and again. The islands are covered with sumptuous vegetation – pine forests flee into wine yards, rocky bays - into fine sand beaches, that can be often reached only over the sea. The beautiful labyrinth of sea caves on the south coast of the island Paxos is worth visiting and easy to reach by dinghy. The islands have a long history. Romans, Byzantinians, Venetians and Turks had left their traces there and the ruins, once they all were proud castles, are now overgrown with wild flowers. The climate is well-balanced and the Greek Meltemi winds, that many sailors are scared of, do not reach the Ionian Islands. Between the mainland and the islands you will find protected sea conditions and moderate winds - ideal for beginner sailors and families. Sportive sailors can start from Corfu on the western side of the islands, hold the course for the south and on their way back enjoy the variety of the islands.

Winds & Weather:
The climate in the Greek Ionian Sea is typically Mediterranean with hot and dry summer and moderate winter. The main sailing season lasts from April to October. The Ionian Sea with the Gulf of Corinth belongs to the areas with quite calm winds. The air temperatures in the Ionian Sea are usually one or two degrees under the Aegean temperatures. The wind in the Ionian Sea is quite predictable. Normally there is a slight breeze in the morning, reaching 3-4 Bft. in the afternoon. The prevailing wind direction is north-west (May to September). However, during the early and late season the wind can change its direction blowing from the South, which will make sailing more demanding.

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Beach bay of Zakynthos
Beach bay of Zakynthos

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