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ISTRIA - KVARNER - KORNATI ARCHIPELAGO - Triest, Izola, Portoroz, Pula, Medulin, Punat/Krk, Cres, Losinj, Zadar, Sukosan, Biograd, Murter, Jezera, Tribunj, Sibenik, Primosten

Sea & Coast:
The Croatian coast can be called the Eldorado for sport boat sailors. The fissured coast and the numerous pre-aged islands raise a discovery-fever by each ambitious skipper. The crystal-clear water and turquoise bays - this is what people dream of in their offices! In fact, the Croatian coast of the Adriatic has the best water quality of the north Mediterranean. Almost everywhere you will find secure and attractive anchor places and well maintained marinas. After the period of socialistic planned economy under Tito and the disorders from the war in the 90-ies, Croatia has risen to a modern country with free market economy and it has gained on rapidly in tourist sector over the last few years. Being a guest, you will be friendly welcomed everywhere and in most cases you can rely on good or very good service. Over 100 islands form the Cornates and are definitely a perfect yachting area for each sailor and a highlight for many tourists. The islands possess a beautiful landscape with small fields and picturesque oases with shady pines and olive trees. The sea bottom along the shore is formed by many peculiar rocky reefs, cliffy peaks, barren plates, crevices and caves with red corals, pearl oysters, snails and shellfishes in hundreds of colours. There are also various fish species living in this area.

Winds & Weather:
The best sailing conditions are within the period from May to September. In the south of Croatia, an agreeable sailing weather is also to expect in April and October. The prevailing wind is Maestral of the north-west direction, which normally brings good weather. Occasionally, the wind Jugo, also called Schirokko, blows from the south. This wind can be especially strong in the area around Split. If a ridge of high pressure is building up over the Balkans, you should expect sudden strong or even stormy squalls, called Bora, which come from the north or from the north-east. Bora can also bring strong thunder fronts. The water temperatures reach about 17 degrees Celsius in the low season and 27 degrees Celsius in the high season.

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Archipelago of the Kornates
Archipelago of the Kornates

Medulin from the Sea
Medulin from the Sea
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